Part 1

Saturday March 5th – Sunday March 27th

Showcasing the work of 15 painters, mixed media artists and photographers.



 Saturday March 5th from 06:00pm

With performances by:

Marisa M. Johnson (Philippines) singer

CJ Kim (Korea) Jazz Guitarist



Laine Alexander              USA               Photographer

Michael Anderson           USA                Painter

Cinzia Bacilieri                Italy                Painter

Richard J. Beaumont       UK                  Painter

Joel Bewley                    USA                  Painter

장의령 Oui Loung Jang    Korea             Mixed Media

Marisa M. Johnson          Philippines        Painter/singer

김대중 Alex J. Kim         Korea                Photographer

김동현 Dong Hyun Kim   Korea               Painter

김진경 Jin Kyoung Kim    Korea               Painter

May Nef                        Lebanon            Painter

박향미 Hyang Mi Park    Korea                Painter

Loren Rudisuela            Canada              Painter

서화숙 Hwa Suk Seo      Korea                Photographer

Mike Stewart                 USA                  Printmaker





“Before the Dawn of Language”


Saturday March 5th – Sunday April 24th


Gallery Golmok is a large, well-appointed new gallery located a few minutes walk from Noksapyeong Station (Line 6)


  This is an ambitious and exciting exhibition both in the diversity of the participating artists and in the theme being addressed. In all, 25 artists from seven countries are taking part, including painters, photographers, sculptors, installation artists, performance artists and musicians. The theme has challenged artists to go back to the beginning, to a time when art was the primary mode of communication for the emerging human species and the means by which the mystery, wonder and majesty of the world both seen and unseen could be expressed.

  In today’s world of mass instant communication of the sublimely trivial, this exhibition’s intention is to reintroduce its audience to art as symbol. Visitors to the exhibition will experience images, sounds and performances that dissolve barriers and open gateways to pure communication as it was “Before the Dawn of Language.”











Part 2

Saturday April 2nd – Sunday April 24th

Showcasing the work of 10 installation, video, performance artists, sculptors and musicians.


Saturday April 2nd from 6:00pm

With performances by:

Eric Scott Nelson (USA) Performance artist

Vaemo (Korea) Sound Sculptures


바람 Ba Ram Choi                   Korea                  Installation artist

So Young Kang                       Korea                  Video artist   

김찬준 Chan Jun Kim               Korea                  Musician

김진경 Jin Kyoung Kim            Korea                  Installation artist

Sang Youn Lee                       Korea                  Sculptor and Installation artist

Eric Scott Nelson                    USA                    Performance artist

오현경 Katherine Oh                Korea/USA        Performance and installation artist

박진성 Jin Seong Park             Korea                  Sculptor/inst (Gallery Owner)

임연진 Jean Rim                     Korea/USA           Performance and installation artist

VAEMO                                  Korea                    Musician, perform/ installation  artist
































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